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About Talkov Law

Partition Attorney Serving Clients Throughout California

Talkov Law was founded in 2020 by Scott Talkov. Our lawyers are accessible, resourceful, skillful and adept at responding to change. Talkov Law Firm has helped clients of local, regional, and national prominence in providing legal counsel and helping them meet the many legal challenges and decisions they face. As a law firm built with integrity, we consistently strive for the best possible results and provide the best legal service for our clients

We focus on partition actions in California

In the context of California law, a partition action refers to a legal process where a court orders the division or sale of jointly owned property between two or more parties who cannot agree on how to divide the property.


For example, if two or more people own a piece of real estate together, and they cannot agree on how to divide the property or sell it, any of the co-owners can file a partition action in court to request a partition of the property. The court will then either order a physical division of the property among the co-owners or order the sale of the property and the distribution of the proceeds among the co-owners.

Partition actions can be complex legal proceedings and may require the assistance of an experienced attorney. The laws regarding partition actions in California can be found in the California Code of Civil Procedure, specifically in sections 872.010 to 872.530.

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